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Platform One

MC Trustees (Malta) Limited has entered into an agreement between Platform One, and their Luxembourg based custodian Moventum, to provide investment services to members of its retirement schemes.

To see Platform One's website click here

To see Moventum's website click here

Platform One provides high quality UK and International Wrap services for top tier UK financial advisers, international advisers and specialist product providers. The service delivers a financially secure, high quality, online investment platform with access to sophisticated and specialist products to suit the needs of clients and their advisers.

The two offshore services available from Platform One, International and Global, are designed to meet the requirements of advisers and clients in different jurisdictions and markets.

Platform One provides advisers and their clients with a personal service, contemporary technology and specialist products designed for sophisticated investors.

Platform One is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and, under MiFID is passported into the other 29 member states of the European Economic Area.

Due to US restrictions, US Residents, Taxpayers and Citizens cannot invest in this account.  We do have alternatives.